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Tamil rockers against challenged to release 2.0 Robot movie

Tamil rockers against challenged to release 2.0 Robot movie in her website 
2.0 movie released in tamil rockers challenged

robot 2

---sponcer--- Today  Nov 9 tamilrockers said we will soonly upload the 2.0 robot movie in my website like Sarkar movie. It gives more shocks to the whole film industry.

In twitter he has tweeted again we will release unofficially the 2.0 movie and he has again challenged the fans of Rajini.

About this movie:-
In 2010 Sankar's made the enthiran movie in digital EFX effect and robotic movie and this movie gives us huge success in a screen.  Then he will decide to bring the enthiran 2  as" 2.0 "movie in 2018  and he fully finished the movie edits and ready to release but just now tamilrockers admin told we will again release this movie in my website as HD prints like Sarkar movie.

Box office hits :-
2.0 movie has beaten Sarkar movie in the box office, and 2.0 has been ranked 1st place in box office record.
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2.0 fifth day collection is 500CR.

This 2.0 movie budget is 600CR in Indian rupees.people are enjoying this movie in all theatre's.

Today news :-
2.0 movie review

The Indian government banned 3000 movie website to release the upcoming 2.0 movie today,  so in 3000 sites  there has no longer to download the 2.0 movie, but today he had released hd medium quality prints in after few hours after FDFS.
Many people's are also downloaded this movie in 2D animations, and this movie breaked whole film industry for this  new robot Animation film.
In past five years ago there has one movie  launched as RA-one / G-one in India, it was acted by Sharukhan, but today actor Rajini breaks the Ra-one movie box offcie record.

 At last:-
Tamilrockers has leaked 2.0 movie today.