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Best budget trimmer in 2019

Philips cordless trimmer 

Amazon trimmer,  budget trimmer 2019

Philips beard trimmer is high-quality trimmer for your hair and beard. It gives you more comfortable trimming and easy to clean, Trimmer is a new innovation for 5th generations it will save your time without going to barber shop.  We can trim hair or beard in home itself and you can also change the range to different style to trim your hair.

It is built with 0.5 mm to 10mm range, we can also trim your hair up to different point range. This Philips trimmer is made with stainless steel and attractive black color with plastic material, water resistance proof, and washable head.

This product estimated charging time is 8 Hours and we can use 45 mins because of its rechargeable battery. We can use this product for up to 5 years because it is built with high-quality materials.

Conclusion:- well I'll give 4.5 ratings to this product because of its design, battery backup, precision, quality with budget price. Trusted A1 quality.

Link to buy this product:-

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Worth for buying this product is Flipkart assured, 4.6 ratings, high quality, best every price, with 2 years Philips India warranty.

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