Airtel Sim Message is not sending to anyone

Message not sending in airtel sim problem fixed 

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Hello everybody today I'll give you one important trick to you only for Airtel subscribers, Todays in all airtel sim handsets major problem is SMS is not sending to anyone and you can't verify any upi or any digital - linking bank account or Google pay account or mobile banking ect account by the encrypted message. But can fix that problem for you.

In India many Airtel users are facing this same issue is message is not sending,
Airtel Sms failed problem and  message not going.
So founded this trick to fix this problem. Please read complete the following steps.

Steps to resolve this SMS sending problem:-

Step 1- First, you copy this number with +91 country code  +919840011003   after copy this number.  This is an airtel message center number.

Step 2- Go to your message settings on your mobile and click on message center number.

Step 3- Open that tab and remove that old number and enter this given number with your country code +919840011003 and give Okay button.

Step 4- After a few seconds, the sim will be updated with some pop-up message. Then you restart or reboot your mobile once.

Step 5-  That's all finally you can check by sending any message to anyone then you can send or receive any message in your airtel sim from other person's.

Officially updated and got the report by Airtel customer care. 

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