How to recover banned Whatsapp account | Avoid whatsapp account from banned

How to avoid getting WhatsApp account banned 

How to recover and avoid to getting whatsapp account banned

Hi everyone, Today I will share you about one of the most important topic because it could be more useful to you. How to get avoid from WhatsApp banned. I also faced this same problem on my account and they banned my 3 different WhatsApp account in same day itself because, I had been violated their policy.

What is WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most used social media network in the world. It is used for sending and receiving messages from one person to another person. It is also like a messenger.

Why WhatsApp account got banned!! 

Yes, WhatsApp can block any account without any pre-notice or warning.  If you make any spam on WhatsApp or sending more than messages to anyone, Then your account got banned. You can use only WhatsApp account under his terms and conditions and The 3rd party WhatsApp will violate her Terms of Service so,  WhatsApp does not supports these types of third party apps because WhatsApp cannot validate their privacy security practices fully. Whatsapp banned over 2 billion account in every monthRead WhatsApp terms and conditions 

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Reason for getting WhatsApp account banned

1: Sending more messages to unknown numbers

2: Sending spam messages to all groups

3: Sending bulk messages to more groups

4: Using 3rd party unofficial whatsapp like GB Whatsapp, Yo WhatsApp or Fm WhatsApp etc.

4: When More persons report your contact

5: Illegal activities sharing violating messages in WhatsApp.

If you are using 3rd party apk like Gb WhatsApp , Yo WhatsApp or Fm WhatsApp then, the Whatsapp team will be banned your account immediately because, Whatsapp team told in last week about this topic and also released some statement  about it.please read that statement now .

They also gives you one warning for using 3rd party WhatsApp. if you are using 3rd party WhatsApp, please uninstall that app and install the official WhatsApp on google play.

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 If you want to get your old chat history then follow these steps :

Whatsapp > Settings > Chat > Chat backup > Click backup button 

Then your old chat history has been backed up

Come to official WhatsApp and log in with your number and one pop up message will appear on your screen  "Backup found "(click here to restore)".

Then your old 3rd party WhatsApp chat will be updated on official WhatsApp.

Don't try again to login in 3rd WhatsApp apk

Steps to Recover banned WhatsApp account 

How to recover banned whatsapp account

First, go to official WhatsApp and enter your number then, one small pop-up alert will appear on your screen.

Banned whatsapp support form

Click support button and write your quires or Enter your problem facing on WhatsApp and click send button

How to recover banned whatsapp account

Then click "It does not answer my question" tab on the bottom of your screen.

After those steps, WhatsApp will prefer your message with logs txt. Then it will be redirected to your Gmail compose section and Send the email to the given WhatsApp support team E-mail id.

If you follow these steps you will get a reply within 24 Hours to 48 hours.

Some times, If you have done these steps,there will be chances to get back your banned WhatsApp account.

Conclusion:  Do you know one thing, why I was written this article?  Because i also faced this same WhatsApp banned problem and my 3 Whatsapp account has been banned permanently. I also took several steps to recover that but there is no any improvement for my process because my account goes against to WhatsApp terms and conditions for using unofficial whatsapp and sending bulk messages.

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