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Wrong turn 1 (2003) 

Genre- Slasher/Thriller ‧ 1h 25m
Director- rob Schmidt

About this movie -
This movie about the person who is going to the wrong place, some carnivorous humans will kill them and the persons are gonna to death.
The first part will make the world audience to turn back about this movie.

Wrong turn 2 (2007) - dead end

Genre - Slasher / thriller
Director - Joe Lynch

About this movie-
The participants are surviving in the West Virginia forest to escape from the cannibal's human flesh-eating people's. This movie is a gives you more thriller experience for us.

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Wrong turn 3 (2009) - Left for dead

Genre - Thriller / Horror
Director - Declan O'Brien

About this movie -
Some group of friends is gonna go hiking and they are themselves trapped in woods. The two police officer was Traveling on the bus with some criminals.Suddenly the cannibals are attacked all who are traveling on the bus and he kills everyone in the forest.

Wrong turn 4 (2011) -  Bloody beginnings

Genre - Thriller / Horror
Director- Declan O'Brien
Released in - 2011 Germany

About this movie -
 Some Terrors are attacks the group of friends struggle in the snow storm. He will be trapped in the dead place by human cannibals.

Wrong turn 5  (2012) - bloodlines

Genre - Thriller / Horror
Director- Declan O'Brien
Released in - 2012 Mexico

About this movie-
Some group of friends gonna to celebrate the hollowin party at night at that time some human cannibals are attacked them to death. At last, he will survive?

Wrong Turn 6  (2014) -  Last resort 

Genre - Horror / Thriller
Director- Valeri Milev

About this movie-
In deep into the hills of West Virginia some group of people will gonna to resort. Donny knows that he is cannibals but he follows the cannibalism. Finally, Donny will kill here friends and bloodline.


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