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How to make a logo, Banners, thumbnails, and Templates in the professional look 

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Hi, good evening to Everyone!!
Now, I wished to share some important tips to make banners and custom thumbnails by the professional method.Top secret!! Why I am suggesting this app?? , It means because I'm also using this app for making this blog banners. I will give assured for this app.

Canva - Graphics, flyer, logo and post maker

Best banner makerand thumbnail app in 2019

Canva is a best and professional app for making YouTube, blog, twitter, facebook images and thumbnails without watermark. It is fully free for all users but if you wished to add something good, you will purchase some custom design in canva editor app.

Steps for installing the canva app 

Step1: First go to google play or App Store on your mobile

Step2: Type canva or click here for install the app

Step3: Install that app and launch

Step4: log in or Sign up with your email and passcode or login via social media account also.

Step5: now your cool Template maker app is setuped!!

Types of Banners and poster in Canva 

Canva best trick ,best banner editor app

  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story
  • Facebook cover
  • Whatsapp stories 
  • Twitter post 
  • Pinterest graphics 
  • Blog graphics 
  • Blog banner
  • YouTube  Thumbnail 
  • Snapchat geofilter
  • Facebook ad
  • Photo collage 
  • Tumblr graphics 
  • Linkedin banner
  • Logo
  • Postcard 
  • Business card
  • Invitation 
  • Certificate 
  • Announcement
  • Flyers 
  • Gift Card 
  • Poster
  • Resume 
  • Desktop wallpapers

And many more to be added

Steps to create a neat and professional logo and posters in canva 

Procedure for making logo and templates

Open canva app and look the + button on the bottom of the app and Click that button.

You can select the banner by custom size or select by different Templates given by canva category. Then after selection, you can add background images, png images, and text also.

In canva, there is inbuilt custom pictures and different Fonts like open sans, times of new roman ect. You can edit your banner by these options with high-quality images. There is no watermark for this process of creating banners and thumbnails. It has over 60,000+ over templates.

Best logo maker app in android

After finishing your thumbnail project, click on the extract or save icon on the top of your page. It will extract your images into high-quality images and you can extract your images into PNG types also without background. If you are a YouTuber or blogger you can use this app because it would be more helpful for making banners and thumbnails for your channel or blog.

Exclusive features in this app:

If you lost or recover your old thumbnails created in canva app you can redownload in canva app in the design section.

You can also install canva by click here

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