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Google Station Wi-Fi | How to connect Google station Wi-Fi

Google station Wi-Fi | Lists of Google Wi-Fi stations in India 

How-To-Connect-google-rail-wifi , Google-Station-Wi-Fi

Hi, everyone today I will tell you about         “How to found google rail wifi in India”. first, you must subscribe by email and give allow the button to get the latest updates on your mobile.

Google Rail Wi-Fi | Google Free station Wi-Fi Hot-spot

First, I need to tell you about why Google preferring Free Wi-Fi in Indian Railway Stations. Google planned to bring out some new technology to India since 2015 and they planned to set up the google free Wi-Fi in public Railway Stations in all over India because people will spend more time for traveling in only trains. and in that time people can use the free Wi-Fi for unlimited.
Google Rail Wi-Fi is mainly for the purpose of   People will get some knowledge while using the internet and also have a Business ethics and secrets.

This Google project is fully executed for the reason of people can use the internet anywhere at any time. This google Rail Wi-Fi is unlimited for using the internet at super fast speed. In India, the google rail Wi-Fi average speed up to is 500kbps to 30mbps per user. The public can use the Google Wi-Fi in Main or Central Railway Stations in all the states. It is fully secured by google server.

Google rail wifi signal range up to the Distance of the Stations. If you are gone to some other place then your google Wi-Fi will be disconnected automatically because Google will give you the free Wi-Fi for only in Railway Stations. While you are out of  Wi-Fi coverage, Then your Wi-Fi speed will be decreased fastly. Google free Wi-Fi will be available in All sub and main junctions.

Google Free Rail Wi-Fi Stations:

  • Kanpur Central (CNB)
  • Mangalore Central (MAQ)
  • Mumbai Central (BCT)
  • Trivandrum Central (TVC)
  • Chennai Central (MAS)


How to connect Google Station Wi-Fi 

Step1: Switch on your Wi-Fi on your mobile or laptop.

Step2: Search for Wi-Fi singal

Step3: You can able to see the Google named Wi-Fi on your screen

Step4: Click the connect button

Step5: Then you will be redirected to the browser and you must enter your mobile number

Step5: After entering your mobile number you will receive a Google Verification code to the given mobile number

Step6: Enter the Google verification code

Step7: Then the Google free Wi-Fi will be connected on your mobile

Almost done!!  Then you can able to browse any sites using Google free Wi-Fi.

Note: If you are gone to out of Railway Station then your google Wi-Fi will be disconnected. it is only for using the Wi-Fi in the Railway Station.

If you have any doubts to connect the Google wifi please comment below.

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