Html notepad editor for Android | Best notepad editor to edit HTML languages

How to edit HTML language in android 

Hi, everyone today I will be going to tell you about best HTML note editor for Android. first, you must subscribe by email and give allow the button to get the latest updates on your mobile.

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Best HTML note pad editor for Android 

Edit or write HTML language in your mobile using this application.  I'll introduce one new application to edit HTML and programs in android.

First, install Droidedit from your google play, After installing the app, open and paste your Html or php any codings in note pad in this application.

In the Droideditor you can edit or create programming languages in this application. it has available  all options like star office writer. user can edit any programs in this app in the multitask method. it won't crash at any time.  it would look like a simple and advanced note pad for your android device.

Types of the programming language you can edit in this application :

  • Html 
  • Css
  • Php
  • Html 5
  • javascript 
  • java ++
  • All website index files 

Why People are Searching about best HTML note pad editor for Android? 

Yes,  many people's are looking for the best Android note editor because some note editor app may be crash while editing Html at any time. Droideditor can't crash at any time while you editing any codings.

Es file manager is also an alternative note editor for Android but, it may not easy to edit HTML languages because,  if you want to delete any tags then it will delete some other tags of next line - a major problem in ES file manager app

Steps to edit HTML codings in android device (Droidedit) 

Open droid app and paste your codings in this app or,

open your dictionary and select your file  that you want to edit

After  pasted your codings in the droid, editor place your cursor or touch the part of the line that you want to edit

if you what to find any words in the file, then you can easily navigate the word using find and replace option in your bottom of your screen. You can also insert colors in your notepad

Finally, you can able to save your HTML file in your device at any folder by clicking save as option.

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