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Best online music player for listening song's

Best Mp3 music player 2019


Hi, everyone today we will be going to see about best mp3 online music player in 2019. first, you must subscribe by email and give allow the button to get the latest updates on your mobile.

Online music player app in 2019

Jio saavn - Music and radio including jio music 


Jio saavn is the first top grossing app on play store. It will best user experience while playing songs in jio saavn.  You can stream super high-quality audio in Jio music in the basic plan and also have many songs language like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, English, etc.

Jio users can able to set jio caller tunes in this jio saavn app itself. Fully personalized music system and mind-blowing Default playlists. If you can listen to Music at low internet speed. Saavn music users can able to add their songs in the jio saavn.

premium features of Jio saavn -

  • Ad-free music 
  • Unlimited songs download 
  • Cheapest cost for premium subscriptions 
  • Amazing sound quality 

YouTube music - Stream songs & music videos

YouTube has launched its YouTube music application in play store. In YouTube music, now you can able to listen to the music in this application but you can use this application for first month only. (Free trial ) , Then the user must upgrade their basic Plan to premium plan.

YouTube Music will help to listen a songs in high quality. You can get more recommended music based upon location, taste, time of the day and fully personalized music experience. Don't worry about the music stopping while your screen is locked or using other applications.

Youtube music premium features -

  • You can listen  songs in ad free 
  • Download your favorite music for free
  • The monthly premium plan payment is 9.99$ pm. 
  • Unlimited songs download 
  • amazing sound quality 

Wynk music - download and play songs & mp3 for free

Wynk music is one of the airtel communication company. In this wynk music, there has much variety of songs in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, etc.  it has over 3 million songs.   Wynk music also gives you the same smart recommended music to everyone and personalized music experience.

In older days Wynk music is one of the popular music platforms for listening to songs and radios.

premium features of Wynk music  -

  • Ad free music 
  • Anlimited songs download 
  • very lowest premium subscriptions 
  • Amazing sound quality 

International Music Player Platforms

Spotify - Music and podcast 

Spotify is the music player for listening to English songs. Spotify has more recommended Albums and Radios. In this platform, there have many types of Songs across all over the world.

Spotify is the normal platform for listening to the songs but not in the premium plan.

premium features of Wynk music  -

  • Ad-free music 
  • unlimited songs download 
  • Very lowest premium subscriptions 
  • Amazing sound quality 
  • No commitments and cancel at any time

    NCS - No copyright Sound 

    I think so far, You can know about this NCS Music because it is fully non-copyright material with Creative common attribute licenses.  If you are a YouTuber you can use there NCS songs on your YouTube videos with copyright credits and you won't receive any copyright notice.  This NCS music is probably for Local music creator and Professional creator to Publish their songs in this platform.

    Many people are using this NCS music is mainly for her Spectrum edits and bass boosted sounds.

    Premium features of NCS -
    Since now there is no available premium plan for this music.

    Sound cloud - Music and Audios

    Sound cloud is the especially for Album creators and music composer to share their talents to the world and you can also listen these songs for free. Sound cloud has over 150 million tracks to stream their music.  It has 3 types of premium features namely SoundCloud Go,  Soundcloud Go+, Soundcloud PULSE.

    Soundcloud premium plans -

    Sound cloud go plan are starting 4.80$ per month and Soundcloud Go+ premium plan starts from 9.99$ per month.
    Soundcloud PULSE plan starts from 14$ per month.

    I, Hope you have been found the best online music player platform in this article. Please Support me and Share this post to all of your friends and families.

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