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Uriyadi 2 - 2019  Movie review | Download

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Genre: Mystery / Commercial film / Drama
Cast: Vijay Kumar, Betha Sudhakar, Abbas
Shankar Thas, Vismaya
Initial release: 5 April 2019 (USA) -India 
Director: Vijay Kumar
Music director: Govind Menon
Producer: Suriya
Release date: 26 March 2019
IMDb: 9 /10

Uriyadi 2 movie Review: 

The guys lead to bringing out society into a good position by disposing of some bad politicians and illegal businessmen. This story was based upon the factory which has to spread toxic gas into the air. towards the Surrounding village. Due to this toxic gas. There have the chances to affect the people's health and nature resources available in the Surrounding areas. 

Director Vijay Kumar was made this film into the original concept by Current situation in the society. 
In the beginning, The hero was joined in the MNC factory for his job recruitment. After joining his job in the factory. The hero was found the illegal toxic gas was leaking and spreading across the village. Vijay Kumar was planned to protest for this Toxic gas issues along with his friends. some politicians were giving silent support to the MNC cooperate company owners. 
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Finally, the hero would close the MNC Factory in this village?  it is a story of the Uriyadi 2 film.  Uriyadi 2 story was made up of recent Sterlite protest occurred in the Tamilnadu. You must watch this film in cinemas because it would give much social awareness to you. 

Open Public review:

 The public Review is 9.2/10 positive reviews and more IMDB ratings. Uriyadi movie is a public awareness movie to bring some useful thoughts to the public. Previous Uriyadi film has given success to the team. After that, there was made the uriyadi 2 movie based on the same social awareness.

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