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Thumbaa  movie watch online and download |  Thumbaa Movie review - Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam

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Thumbaa – 2019  Movie review | Watch online in HD

Genre: comedy/ fantacy/ drama


  • Darshan 
  • Dheena as Umapathy
  • Keerthi Pandian as Varsha
  • KPY Bala
  • Jayam Ravi (Special Appearance)

Release date: June 2019

Director:  Harish Ram

Music director:  Anirudh Ravichander, Santhosh Dhayanidhi, Vivek–Mervin

Producers: Surekha Nyapati

IMDb: 8/10

Box office hits - TBA

Google review: 93 % of Google users likes this film

Thumbaa movie review:

Hari and umapathy were planned to paint a tiger statue and they decided to click a tiger photo for his painting. thumbaa is a tiger from Kerala and it was along with his cub. one day forest officer planned to kidnap the tiger and sell it to some dangerous gang. the reason why the officer was planned to kidnap the only thumba is all the tiger were monitored but thumbaa doesn't have the tracker, so they decided to kidnap the tiger with the help that gang. finally, hari will give help to the thumbaa was a story of this film.

Open public opinion:
Most of the good review got from family and small children etc. It was an entertainment and comedy film. Many kids like this film very much. They are given an average of 8/10 % ratings for this movie.

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