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Gurkha HD 720p (2019) Tamil Movie Online | Movie review

Gurkha movie watch online and download |  Gurkha Movie review

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Genre: Drama  / comedy /  Mystery

Cast: Yogi Babu, Anandraj, Livingston

Initial release:  11th July 2019

Release date:  July 2019

Director:  Sam Anton

Music director:  Sam Aryan

Producers:   Sam Anton

IMDb: 6.2  /10

Box office hits -  to be updated

Google review: 86% of users like this movie

Gurkha Review:

Gurkha is a Tamil language film directed by sam Aryan. our super mama yogi babu stars in this film this was a full comedy and entertainment film by energetic hits. Yogi babu was a famous actor and his acting make her very crazy and fun fully.

Yogi babu born in a Gurkha family and he wished to get a job in the police but he can't get police job after he joined in security job in a private mall. one day some terrorist groups surrounded the mall and they are captured who are watching a movie in the mall. the terrorist demanded huge amout of money to handover the public. Yogi babu also working in the same mall in night swift. finally, yogi babu can help the peoples to escape from the terrorist group? it wa a story of this film.  Gurkha was a beautiful movie in 2019 based upon my thought.

My review:  I will give 5 out of  4  stars for this movie. scripting and concept was much average. but one thing I was noticed in this film that is comedy sequences are full filled in this movie. I didn't find any logic except one thing...  in this country, any police selection will conduct in the night time but was in this it was conducted in the night time...

Open public review:  

I didn't tell you anything for public review because there were any no bad or negative reviews for this movie. All the movie entertainers gave good reviews. so don't waste your time just watch this film in cinemas or malls.

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